Wales handed chance to inflict further pain on the Scots

Although last weekend had been painted up as the scene upon which the continued demise of English Rugby Union was to be played out, with the likes of France, Wales, and Scotland set to start an era of dominance in the northern hemisphere, showing an English side with a long and proud history exactly how to play the sport that they invented, it didn’t exactly pan out that way.

Instead, the beleaguered Scottish team has fallen firmly into focus in the sporting back pages, with rugby not actually waving goodbye to England as a major force in the game just yet despite the high hopes of the fans at Murrayfield at the weekend. With Scotland in confident mood before the England game, and England fans anxious about how their inexperienced team would perform on the pitch, it was the home side who unexpectedly crumbled and succumbed to the pressure that Six Nations involvement brings. Fans of Betfair Six Nations need to remember this.

What’s worse for the Scots is the fact that Wales are up next. Wales look for all the world like a team intent on playing top level rugby throughout the course of the tournament, and will be wanting to prove that their bid to win the Six Nations this year isn’t an overly ambitious one. If they want to do just that, they’ll have to be prepared to leave the Scots in a position where they are forced to go back to the drawing board to consider what has gone so badly wrong in their game to leave them fighting it out with the Italians for the unwanted wooden spoon. People looking at the Betfair rugby odds need to bear this in mind.

For the sake of rugby’s long-term health in Scotland, let’s at least hope for a competitive affair when these two mighty nations clash.

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