Jonah My Story, The Jonah Lomu Autobiography

The sensational Jonah Lomu autobiography, Jonah My Story was released on August 13, 2012. This is a revised edition from the original, which was published in 2004. The new version is available from Amazon as an ebook. Simply put, Lomu is the biggest name there has ever been in rugby. Others will argue the merits of other players, particularly in terms of playing ability. However, there will never be another player to take the world by storm like Lomu did. Even in countries where rugby was a minority sport, Lomu was mobbed by thousands of fans. Ten years since his last match for the All Blacks, the New Zealand International rugby team, he is still the most famous face in rugby.

Christian Cullen, a famous contemporary of Lomu, was a rugby superstar himself, in his own book described how he was blown away with how Lomu would get mobbed wherever they went.

It’s a simple recipe: 1.96 metres tall, 120kgs and able to run 100 metres in around 10 seconds. That’s what made him such a great player. What makes his story so great, however, is his poor upbringing, his debut as one of the youngest All Blacks ever, his explosion into the world consciousness at the 1995 World Cup, where he scored four tries against England in the semi-final, and his brave fight back from chronic kidney illness. There are also the failed marriages, on-going health problems, being saved from a life on the streets, reconciliation with his father, to becoming a father himself.

Jonah Lomu Autobiography

Jonah My Story Review

In Jonah My Story, Lomu discusses all this in detail, including his ignominious in 1994 to fighting for his spot in the Rugby World Cup. However, what really captured attention in this Jonah Lomu book edition is that he finally breaks his silence on the famous parting with his manager Phil Kingsley Jones, who is credited with plucking Lomu from obscurity. Preview segments were released detailing the fallout with his former manager, Phil Kingsley Jones. Another popular subject in the Jonah My Story that was subject for segment released was Lomu’s reconciliation with his  father. However, I suggest you wait and read Jonah My Story as it was intended.

In recent years Lomu has worked as a spokesman for rugby, and famously opened the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. However, around that time his health took a dramatic turn for the worse and his donated kidney failed. This book also described the depths of his despair as he fought through that heartbreak.

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