The Gordon Tietjens Dream Team for Rugby Sevens

Gordon Tietjens, widely regarded as the greatest rugby sevens coach of all time, and certainly the most successful, chooses his fantasy rugby sevens team in this video by Inside Sevens. In 2015 as part of the Hong Kong Sevens 40 years celebration Tietjens offered an update on his all-time Hong Kong dream team, selected from all countries. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the 2015 update.

The Gordon Tietjens Dream Team includes rugby union greats Jonah Lomu and Christian Cullen. He describes Lomu as having the ability to play as a forward and a winger with outstanding power, and Cullen as having phenomenal pace and fitness levels. ‘Titch’ also selects sevens exponents Karl Te Nana, three time gold medal winner Amasio Valence, Dallas Seymore and current New Zealand captain DJ Forbes in the Gordon Tietjens Dream Team. Former New Zealand captains and part-time All Blacks Eric Rush and Liam Messam also make the cut. That makes eight players, but who are we to argue with the sevens rugby maestro. The good news for Titch is that two players, Messam and Forbes, could be available for his quest for Olympic gold in Rio 2016.

Tietjens says the most important aspect of coaching a team of phenomenal players is making them gel as a team and that it’s not about just one or two players, but the whole 12 players in the squad. He also said that it was important to come up with a game plan to suit those players and then go out there and execute it.

Gordon Tietjens has coached the New Zealand Rugby Sevens team to four Commonwealth Games gold medals, eight IRB Sevens World Series championships and a Rugby World Cup Sevens title. In that time he has coached over 35 players who have gone on to play for the All Blacks.

Gordon Tietjens Dream Team:

  1. Jonah Lomu
  2. Christian Cullen
  3. Karl Te Nana
  4. Amasio Valence
  5. Eric Rush
  6. Dallas Seymore
  7. Liam Messam
  8. DJ Forbes

In the video Tietjens also highlights some of the outstanding sevens players from overseas. His favourite overseas players include:

  • Marika Vunibaka (Fiji)
  • Waisale Serevi (Fiji)
  • Uale Mai (Samoa)
  • Brian Lima (Samoa)
  • Alafoti Fa’osiliva (Samoa)
  • Henry Paul (England)
  • Ben Gollings (England)
  • Santiago Gomez (Argentina)
  • Humphrey Kayange (Kenya)
  • Lee Williams (Wales)
  • Andre Venter (South Africa)
  • Kamamba Floors (South Africa)

christian cullen - gordon tietjens dream team

Christian Cullen

Tim Mikkelson NZ Sevens

No room for Rugby Sevens stalwart Tim Mikkelson in the Gordon Tietjens Dream Team



Watch the Gordon Tietjens Dream Team Video


Gordon Tietjens Dream Team for Rugby Sevens 2015

Here is an update for Gordon Tietjens Dream Team for Rugby Sevens. As opposed to the earlier team, which were strictly New Zealand players, this one is selected from all countries.

  • Jonah Lomu
  • Eric Rush (captain)
  • Mesake Rasari
  • Waisale Serevi
  • Christian Cullen
  • David Campese
  • Marika Vunibaka

Notable Mentions: Andre Venter, Amasio Valence Raoma, Brent Russell, Rupeni Caucaunibuca, Dallas Seymore, Andy Ripley, Karl Tenana, Ben Gollings, Santiago Gómez Cora,

And here are the current players currently plying their trade who Tietjens believes have the potential to become legends of the game: Tomasi Cama, DJ Forbes, Tim Mikkelson, Frankie Horne, Cecil Afrika, Semi Kunatani.

Here is the 2015 Gordon Tietjens Dream Team Video



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