Fantasy Rugby World Cup 2011

Fantasy Rugby World Cup 2011 is now live at

Test Rugby ( in association with Planet Rugby have launched their fantasy rugby series for the world cup, under the name ‘World Series 2011’.

The key challenge with organising a fantasy rugby world cup is the awkward draw. The draw does not transfer tidily into rounds, which is essential for any fantasy rugby system. Some teams play twice in the same amount of time that another team might play once. Test Rugby have got around this by dividing pool play into four rounds, but have specified games where a team will not accumulate points. This occurs when a team plays twice in the specified round.

You can find the week-by-week fantasy rugby draw when you sign up at However, I have compiled the full Fantasy Rugby World Cup draw here, making it easier to plan ahead.

Fantasy Rugby is a great way to enjoy the Rugby World Cup. You pay more attention to the games and the players, and in order to do well you need to embrace players from minnow teams too. Sign up at to play.

Fantasy Rugby Prizes:
While it’s more about bragging rights than about the prizes, it’s good to know there is still some coin coming your way if you win.

The winner will take US$300.

Test Rugby are also putting up weekly prizes for participants of World Series 2011. There’s US$100 dollars each week for the highest scorer of the round.

Fantasy Rugby World Cup 2011 Draw

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